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Advanced care for professional voice users

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Expert endoscopic laryngeal assessment, therapy and treatment

For professional voice users, Glasgow Voice Clinic at Clyde Consulting Rooms offers a one-stop comprehensive service to evaluate, diagnose and treat voice disorders for professional voice users. Whether you are a professional singer, broadcaster, teacher or simply rely on your voice to excel in your individual profession, Glasgow Voice Clinic can help to optimise your vocal performance.

Our strategy

Your symptoms are central to the assessment process at Glasgow Voice Clinic. We will work with you to understand how you feel about your voice and how your vocal performance has changed. After taking a comprehensive history of your symptoms, your ENT surgeon will perform a detailed clinic examination, including laryngoscopy (examination of your vocal cords) using high quality endoscopic equipment. You will be able to view your laryngoscopy examination live on a widescreen HD monitor during your consultation and we will explain the findings in detail. You will be offered a digital copy of your laryngoscopy video to keep, free of charge. Treatment options are varied and will be carefully tailored to your individual requirements.

Whatever treatment or advice you require, Glasgow Voice Clinic will provide rapid access to your individual treatment pathway and support you throughout your voice journey. Our ultimate aim is for you to achieve the best possible voice outcome you can.

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