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Throat symptoms

Diagnosis and treatment of throat symptoms

For symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and throat pain, our specialist ENT facility offers access to a wide range of services, including:

  • detailed throat examination by a fully qualified and accredited Head & Neck cancer surgeon

  • endoscopic examination of the throat with state of the art diagnostic image capture

  • access to imaging tests such as neck ultrasound, CT and MRI imaging

Voice symptoms

​Diagnosis of treatment of laryngeal (voice) symptoms

  • hoarseness

  • weakness of the voice

  • professional voice users in difficulty

We recommend that you make an appointment at Glasgow Voice Clinic for a detailed specialist assessment.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Head and Neck Cancer

Peace of Mind

  • progressive or persistent throat pain

  • difficulty swallowing

  • hoarseness

  • bleeding from the throat

Over 600 patients are diagnosed with Head & neck cancer (cancer of the throat or voice box) every year in the West of Scotland. Potential symptoms of head and neck cancer are noted above. We offer a specialist physical examination of your mouth, throat, neck and larynx (voice box) with access to detailed imaging (scans) if required, to diagnose or exclude Head & Neck cancer.  

Specialist Hearing Assessment

Quality Care

Our specialist audiometry equipment at Clyde Consulting Rooms enables detailed hearing assessment on site. Our senior Audiologists have a wealth of experience in performing pure tone audiometry and other forms of hearing assessment. The Audiology team at Clyde Consulting Rooms collaborate with our colleagues at House of Hearing to offer specialist advice on hearing aid prescription and tinnitus management on site. We also undertake pure tone audiometry for medico-legal purposes.


Ear symptoms

Diagnosis and treatment of 

  • hearing loss

  • tinnitus

  • ear discharge

  • pain

Or specialist ENT facility offers access to a wide range of services, including:

  • diagnostic ear microscopy (detailed examination of the ear using a surgical microscope)

  • microsuction (removal of wax and infected debris from your ear canals)

  • diagnostic audiometry (hearing assessment)

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