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House of Hearing: Our Services
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House of Hearing

Delivering specialist hearing care for over 50 years

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with House of Hearing to offer a comprehensive aural care solution within the clinic in Glasgow. 

House of Hearing Glasgow, in
partnership with Clyde Consulting
Rooms, is the first private clinic in
Scotland solely dedicated to providing
specialist ENT, Audiology and Aural
Care services. We have rigorous standards in place to ensure that patients receive the best possible care in the most appropriate environment.
Featuring a fully fitted ENT microscope and Audiology suite, our Glasgow clinic is one of the most well-equipped ENT facilities in the country, ensuring there is nowhere safer to access clinical ear and hearing care, in addition to consultant-led specialist private ENT services.

House of Hearing: Welcome
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Colin l'Anson, MA(Hons), RHAD HCPC Registered

Senior Audiologist

Colin graduated from St Andrews University in 2004 with an Honours degree in Management and Modern History. After a couple of years working in the financial sector, Colin joined House of Hearing as a trainee in 2007, qualifying as an Audiologist in 2009. Now with more than a decade of experience seeing patients across Scotland in a variety of clinical environments, Colin sees the incomparable value of a dedicated, expert led audiology service.

Having had problems with his ears as a child, Colin remembers well the frustrations and embarrassments of struggling to be part of conversations. He takes great satisfaction in seeing the positive impact that well fitted hearing aids have on his patients.

Clinical Expertise

Colin has particular interest in hearing loss with associated tinnitus. He also enjoys advising on the best way for hearing aids to interact with a range of other everyday devices from mobile phones to loop systems.

“I enjoy meeting a great variety of people with different backgrounds and experiences as well as different needs with regards to their hearing.”

Melanie Jackson BSc (Hons) RGN, RHAD

Head of ENT Nursing & Clinical Lead

Melanie is a highly specialised ENT nurse practitioner with 20 years’ experience. As our Head of ENT Nursing & Clinical Lead, she personally trains all of the House of Hearing wax removal specialists ensuring they can provide the high standards of ear care required for Healthcare Improvement Scotland registration.

In addition to all 3 types of Wax Removal Procedures offered at House of Hearing by the wax removal team, Melanie’s extensive experience means that she can deal with ear diseases and their treatment, ear surgery, ear health promotion, Paediatrics and can make direct private ENT referrals. Melanie is also a fully qualified hearing aid dispenser.


Scott Gowans, BSc Adult Nursing

Aural Nurse Practitioner

Scott is a registered nurse qualifying from Edinburgh Napier University 5 years ago with a BSc in Adult Nursing. Since then he has worked in various clinical settings including Acute Receiving, Cardiorespiratory, Gastroenterology, Neuro-rehabilitation, Functional Assessing and more recently, as a clinical team leader for the Covid Response Service.

Clinical Expertise

A particular interest of Scott's has always been hearing impairment and his time as a functional assessor made him aware of how debilitating hearing related conditions can be on someone’s quality of life. "This is what drew me to this specialist field of nursing!”

“I enjoy working with such a vibrant and passionate multidisciplinary team of hearing specialists. The thing I particularly love most however is that our professionalism as a team is reflected in patient satisfaction when they leave the clinic with a smile on their face having had a great experience!”

House of Hearing: Meet the Team
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